Why We're doing this and how it helps you


What We Do

We provide the best flight deals that we can find on the web. That simple!

This means we partner with hundreds of Travel Search Sites and Airline Sites and based on your search request we connect real time to these partners who when return prices to us. We then collect all these prices and present the deals to you. If we have different prices from multiple partners we will show the best price from the lowest partner and then also who other partner prices.

You can select a partner price and be taken to that partners site for more details and booking

We do not actually book the flights for you, we are a search aggregator which means we take the information from other sites and present to you.

We never charge, its always free!

We are a small team in the United States, we do not have offshore workers, we are all Native American Citizens who have started our business to help others travel.

We have spent time traveling for the last 30 years and think that others should also find the best prices and travel.

Whether your looking for a deal for vacation or work, give us a try and see if we can't find you the best deals!



Meet The Team Behind Just Plane Tickets

Diane the CEO



Over 30 years of Airline Travel Experience domestic and international. Experienced Technology Startup CEO and Investor in Silicon Valley (San Francisco) and Amsterdam.


What We Offer

Unlimited 24 hours a day Flight Searching to help you find the perfect Flight. We are not an All in One place, we focus on JUST PLANE TICKETS


We connect you to hundreds of providers in a real time system. We process thousands of searches to find the lowest results for you.