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Want to find the cheapest flights to anywhere? Try some of these secret tips from experienced travelers. We will present many simple things that you can do to save money on your next flight and make your trip more enjoyable. We are asked this question over and over and want to help you get the best possible deal every time

Use Meta Search Sites: There are three primary types of airline ticket search sites, The Airline site itself, you will see all the details of the flights but there is no reason for them to discount the fares, you probably will not see any deals here, An OTA or Online Travel Agency, there are tons of these, they make a call to one of a couple of different sources and present prices with a bit of a markup. Some OTA's have "Retail" prices and some have special deals with Airlines so they can give you a discounted price, the third and most important type is the Meta Search which is what Just Plane Tickets provides. We work with dozens of Airlines and OTA sites and get you the best deals possible. If we see a private that is lowest then anyone else, we present this as the primary source you should purchase the ticket from.

Know when to buy: Most airlines start sales on Tuesday, this makes Tuesday the best day to search for deals. If you subscribe to airlines for deal alerts you might find that Tuesday is the day of the week that they send out the deals.

Stay over a Week End: You see better prices when you stay over the weekend, leaving Monday and returning Friday can be expensive but if you can leave on Tuesday and return on Monday you might find a better deal.

Alternate Airports: Yes, there are times when you can leave from a less traveled airport and save hundreds of dollars. Some airlines are not available at all airports but you might find a huge savings on an airline that services the same route but is 30 minutes away.

Alternate Dates: This is a Big One. On the Search Results you might see an indication of an "Alternate Date" This means that if you leave or return a day earlier or later you can save a significant amount.

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Diane is the CEO of Just Plane Tickets LLC, she has over 30 years of travel experience both domestic and international. If your looking for a recommendation from her it's pretty simple, Amsterdam, Berlin and Prague are top on her list! Visit her site Cheap Flights