How to Travel with Pets
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I travel all over the world, sometimes I miss my loved ones back home, lately I've been missing my pet.

When I drive I take my Dog, she sits in a car seat in back of me tethered in safely.

What about taking her on a plane? One option is to put her in a crate and let her be put in the cargo hole, this just does not work for me. I need to have her with me so I purchased a carrier to take her with me. Now I can sit with her while we fly!

Each airline has different Pet Travel Policies and it can differ for domestic and international flights. Make sure you have the OK from your Veterinarian and make sure your pet is ready to fly, depending on where you are flying you might need to verify shots, there might be paper work that needs to be done. When you get the formal paperwork that might be needed here is a hint: Make a copy, then make another, and a few more. Airports and Government officials tend to need lots of paper work, normally there is a multipart form, sometimes some of these get lost, you don't want your pet stuck in an ariport and not be able to come with you, get as much details as you can upfront and bring your pets favorite food, you can't always depend on it being available at your destination and you probably don't want to change their diet on the fly!

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